Excavator printed catalog


Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation the manufacturers of the world best tank Armata has presented an
innovative EO-41211A 23-ton crawler excavator at the INNOPROM-2016 Trade Fair.

Specially for this event we have created print catalog showing with benefits of photorealistic CGI unique design solutions used
in the Armata tank, as well as other innovations.

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folded front 01

unfolded 01

unfolded 02

unfolded 03

unfolded 04

unfolded 05

unfolded 06

unfolded 08

unfolded 09

folded back

render 01

render 02

wire rig

Client: UralVagonZavod
Production Company: Maslov Lab
Art Director: Alexey Maslov
3D: Dmitriy Grigoriev
Graphic design: Philip Lushevskiy
Prepress: Mikhail Krylov
Producer: Vladislav Kalkaev

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